DRX750 Impact Bed

Our exclusive DRX (Dual Relief Xtra™) Impact Beds are designed with one simple goal –– to deliver maximum protection to your belt in the load zone.

Features and Benefits:

  • Entire system engineered for superior belt protection
  • Exclusive Velocity Reduction Technology™ that deadens impact energy and reduces reaction forces for less rebound and material degradation
  • Slide-Out Service™ for fast, safe maintenance –– a complete bar change out can take less than two hours
  • Impact bar supports with a unique inverted design that act as first level of impact defense
  • Channel crossbeams that efficiently transfer impact energy to the isolation mounts
  • Isolation mounts that provide additional force reduction, absorbing impact energy and minimizing transmission back to the belt
  • Anti-migration tabs that prevent the impact bars from moving with the belt if bolts loosen
  • Angled impact bars that aid in centering material on belt
  • Long service life and cost-effective part replacement


Available in a variety of models and sizes:

  • For low-, medium-, high-, and extreme-impact applications
  • Troughing angles: 20-degree and 35-degree (other angles available by special quote)
  • In 4' (1200 mm) and 5' (1500 mm) bed lengths.
  • With impact bars featuring 1/2" (13 mm) or 1" (25 mm) of UHMW on natural rubber


  • Coal and hard rock mining, coal-fired power plants, load-out facilities and aggregate operations
  • Refer to literature to determine what bed to use per application.