Flex-Seal Skirting System

Flex-Seal™ Skirting System is a dynamic containment unit that fully seals the loading zone to stop material spillage, control dust emissions, belt and component wear, and other related problems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comes in 4' (1200 mm) modules that include angle plate, two clamp pins, two clamp plates and a clamp bar.
  • Specially designed to ensure skirt delivers a consistent seal without grooving or top cover damage
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant components that deliver long service life
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Unique locking clamp wedge that makes it easy to adjust worn skirt rubber     


  • Modules can be combined for a skirting system of any length


  • Operations experiencing load zone spillage problems
  • For skirt rubber 6” (150 mm) wide and from 5/16" – 3/4" (8 – 19 mm) thick