Medium Ceramic Lagging (39% tile coverage)

When conventional rubber lagging fails to correct belt slippage, the solution is Flex-Lag® Medium Ceramic Lagging.

Features and Benefits:

  • 39% ceramic tile coverage
  • Rubber-backed ceramic tiles with a raised “buttons” that embed themselves into the belt’s underside for non-abrasive traction
  • Exceptional performance in wet, muddy, or dry conditions
  • None of the sharp particles or abrasive edges associated with other ceramic lagging products
  • Fast, easy installation that doesn’t require removing the pulley from the conveyor


  • Any operation experiencing slippage problems
  • For systems with pulley diameters from 12” – 72” (300 – 1800 mm)


  • Temperature rating: 5° F to 185° F (-15° C to 85° C)
  • Rubber compound: SBR
  • Rubber hardness: 68 ± 3 Shore A
  • Thickness: (15 mm)
  • Ceramic compound: Aluminum Oxide (Al₂O₃)
  • Ceramic hardness: 83 HRA Rockwell Hardness Scale A
  • FRAS (Fire Resistent Anti-Static) MSHA Certification # MHSA No. IC-190