RMC1 Skirt Clamps

RMC1 Skirt Clamps provide the cost-effective solution to material spillage problems in your conveyor loading zones. A good material containment system at the loading point reduces conveyor problems and saves cleanup costs. It stops material loss, eliminates safety hazards and reduces wear and premature failure of conveyor components.

Features and Benefits:

  • No belt damage. With correct installation, the skirt rubber will not drag on the belt, causing premature wear or gouge marks in the belt cover. Such damage reduces belt cleaning efficiency and the life of the belt.

  • Safe service access. All installation and maintenance work can be done safely from the sides of the conveyor. Climbing into the chute to work on nuts and bolts is not required.

  • Long service life. Flex-Seal Skirting Systems are made of corrosion- protected components for tough duty. Replacement parts are available.