Stainless Steel U-Type Secondary Cleaner

Designed for the toughest applications, especially those requiring removal of water and sticky carryback materials, the Stainless Steel U-Type® Secondary Cleaner provides constant blade-to-belt contact for the highest cleaning efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stainless steel components protect against corrosive environments and resist impact
  • Unique U-shape design conforms to the belt, allowing tungsten carbide tips to shear stubborn carryback materials from the belt
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel pole ensures durability for tough applications
  • Stainless steel spring mounted tensioner provides for constant blade tension, visual inspection, and easy adjustment
  • Blade can be removed/replaced easily with the removable front plate design of the pole


  • Available with two blade options –– C-Tips for mechanically fastened belts or V-Tips for vulcanized belts


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood product operations
  • For belt widths from 18" - 84" (450 - 2100 mm)
  • Can be mounted at any spot from the point where the belt leaves the head pulley on down the conveyor line
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