An effective solution for protecting your tail pulley –– as well as your mechanical splices and lagging –– the V-Plow is uniquely designed to clean the inside (clean side) of your return belt. Plus, it outperforms conventional flat-bladed plows that cause the carryback to roll under the blade.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique, angled blade design that “spirals” debris and water off the return-side belt surface
  • Specially UHMWPE polyurethane blade that delivers long life and less belt friction
  • Self-adjusts as the blade wears
  • Stainless steel turnbuckle that enables fine-tuning of plow position and eliminates unit vibration
  • Easy to install
  • Universal mounting hardware that fits virtually any conveyor structure


  • Available in seven sizes to accommodate various belt widths


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations
  • For belt widths from 18" – 96" (450 – 2400mm)
  • Can be installed in front of tail pulley, as well as directly behind the head pulley